VP07 | Portable video projector

Compact and equipped with JBL speaker

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown

Compact and equipped with JBL speaker


Afraid you haven’t got the skills to adjust your devices’ parameters to get the perfect image? Fear not! For the Polaroid VP07 video projector has an autofocus feature that will do it for you. This cord-less high-tech gem automatically adapts the projected image to your indoor setting. You don’t even need to think about the focus lens.


Don’t be fooled by VP07 massive appearance: the device fits in only 13cm³ and weights just 1.25kg thanks to its super-light aluminum case, which is just as much as an ultraportable notebook. The VP07 has a square shape which makes it easy to store. However, we are guessing you will not want to hide its faux-leather handle and coating from your sight and will want to leave it ready to stream the last episode of your favorite TV show.



The VP07 will fit in your daily activities just right thanks to its Android operating system and its 16,000 mAh lithium battery. Enjoy a trouble-free experience thanks to numerous wireless connection possibilities including Miracast/AirPlay features, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols, as well as classic, high-definition, connection options such as USB and HDMI.

Built-in speaker

You may not have multimedia speakers to go with your VP07, which is fine, because this video projector has a 10 watts built-in JBL speaker! And if you ever want to enjoy watching a movie on your living-room wall without waking your roommates up, you can pair your headphones via Bluetooth or use the 3.5mm Jack plug at the back of the device.

Think big

Significant advantage of video projectors: they offer a large amount of projection sizes. With the VP07 video projector, you can watch your movies and display documents from only 1 meter to up to 2.9 meters and enjoy a projection size between 30 inches and 120 inches.


Want to fast forward or turn the volume up? You don’t even have to move from your couch thanks to VP07’s remote control.

Compatible accessories

VP07 video projector is also compatible with Polaroid’s aluminum video projector stand. Enjoy a stable, removable and discreet accessory which will let you adjust the height of your device in no time.

Stand not included.

Projection size
from 30’’ to 120’’
Projection distance
from 1 to 2,9 m
Brightness (lumens)
5000:1 - 8000:1
Projection system
DLP Digital Light Processing technology Autofocus
Operating system
Android 5.1
Headphones plug
1 jack 3.5 mm
General Information
Black, Brown, White
Device dimensions (cm)
12,50 x 12,50 x 12,50 cm
Device weight (kg)